The Wheels Suitable For All Conditions


Time To Make It Wider

Now 2015 new wheels can accept 25mm wide tires. Because at the same air pressure, a wider tire encounters less resistance of rolling than a narrower tire.

We don’t have to make it a complicated report in this case. It is all attributed to the contact patch. At equal pressure, a 25mm tire has a “wider but shorter” contact patch, while a 23mm tire has a “slimmer but longer” contact patch. As it was very well explained by the chart below from Continetal, at the same inflation pressures and tire loads, it needs to cost more energy to deform the tire.

untitled 8

Photo Courtesy of Continental

It is obvious from the above photo, with a wider tire at same pressure, rider wastes less energy on deforming the material. And in other words, this means that rider will go faster, get more speed, comfort, and handling.

In certain condition, you may need 23mm tire as well, but there should be no worry, you can still mount 23mm tire on a 2015 Pro Wheel, which is both compatible with both 23mm and 25mm tires.

RIMS – Not Only Wider, But Also Thicker

50C-23mm2 10

In 2015 wheels, not only the rim width get increased, but also the brake track is thicker than before, we have added 4 layers of carbon fiber to each brake track, the carbon fiber laid up in different angles increases the durability of the brake track by 20%.

Another important upgrade is on the spoke hole wall: By applying 4 extra layers on the spoke hole wall, we make it more durable, which resulted in 320kgf max spoke tension on the test report.



New Spoke Shape 12

When riding in a windy condition, rider has to fight against the drag from the cross wind. With bladed spokes used in most of the road wheels, the spokes become part of the drag source. To improve the crosswind performance, we make the spoke width from 3.2mm to 2.3mm, but matain the bladed shape. It’s is a small change but cut back the contact with cross wind, without losing aero performance in none-wind condition.

Furthermore, to cut through the air better, we change the spoke shape from a “Box” to be a “Olive”, this shape is sharper on both ends, it lets the wind from ahead pass smoothly, slightly result in faster wheels spinning and riders energy saving .


New Spoke Shape 14


Sandvik T302 material: it’s stainless and high durability.


Cold forge technology: We gain up to 20% more Strength.



Material: Toray T700SC
Size: 700C
Depth: 38mm
Max Width: 23mm
Surface: 3K
Basalt Braking Surface: Yes
Profile: Clincher Road
Nipple Hole Type: External
Max Tire Pressure: 120psi
Total Weight: Front 638g, Rear 791g; 1429g In Total
Ceramic Sealed Bearings: Yes
Colors: Black/Red Available
Colors: Black/White Available
Count: Front 18 And Rear 21
Lacing: Front: Radial, Rear: G3
Colors: Black/Red/Silver Available
Material: Aluminum
Colors: Black
Material: Titanium
Weight: 46g/pair
Cassette Type: Campagnolo or Shimano
Max Recommended Rider Weight:: 110 kgs


Carbon Clincher 24mm Rim Shape

Type: Clincher
Size: 700C
Material: Toray® T700
Width: 23mm
Brake Surface Material: Basalt Fiber
Spoke Hole Count: 18/21
Spoke Hole Dia.: 4.5mm
Valve Hole Dia.: 6.5mm
Brake Surface Flatness: ≤0.25mm
Roundness: ≤0.5mm
Max Spoke Tension: ≥240kgf

Hub Shape - Carbon Tubular 24mm Wheel

Spoke Hole Type: J Bend
Material: Aluminum
Manufacturing: AL6061/T6 aluminum body CNC manufacture
Front Bearings: 2 sealed bearings
Rear Bearings: 4 sealed bearings
Front OLD: 100mm
Rear OLD: 130mm
Front Weight: 76g
Rear Weight: 208g

Spoke Shape - Carbon Tubular 24mm Rim Shape

Spoke Type: J Bend
Width: 2.3mm
Weight: 6.5g
Material: Sandvik T302

Cold forge technology

Aero shape

High elasticity and low 
drag coefficient

Breaking Strength: Fig. 1
Spoke Tension: Fig. 2

Fig 1. Spoke Breaking Strength

Spoke Breaking Strength - Carbon Tubular 24mm Rim Shape


Fig 2. Spoke Tension

Spoke Tension - Carbon Tubular 24mm Rim Shape



Specialized Package For World Wide Shipping


Shipping damage used to be a problem in the world wide delivery, in order to solve this, we designed a new box with strong inside structure. It will protect your wheels from violently throwing and pressure on the long trip.

Inside the box, there is uniquely designed structure to fix the 2 wheels in position, so it can handle the strong shaking during the shipping.

The box may be damaged during the shipping, but you will get complete and brand new wheels finally.



Safety Is The Essential Demand

To be sure that our wheels are strong enough to be safe, all of our wheels endure lots of testing in the lab. We test wheel prototypes at varies pionts, including Forward Strength, Lateral Tortion and Spoke Hole Tension. Here we only present the test reports for 38mm depth wheel:


carbon wheels torsion test report

carbon wheels spoke tension test

Just like the 38mm depth wheels, all our models have been tested in different conditions, they are proven to be able to handle riders over 120kgs.


Reaching Balance Between Weight And Quality

Carbon rim is mixed up by layers of carbon material in different angles, the more layers we put in a rim, the stonger it becomes, as a result, the weight is also increased. So we have to find a balance between weight and strength. After testing a lot of prototypes in different amount of layers, we found the balance, now the rims we are using for Pro Series are strong enough to handle a heft of 300kgs, but their weight are still controlled to be light enough for you to build a lightweight bike.

By a limitation of the weight, if the single layer carbon fiber can be stronger, we will be able to bring more durability to a rim, so the carbon fiber is all-important for a rim. We have choosen Toray Japan to be our exclusive carbon fiber supplier, their ability to supply stable quality is well known by the industry. Our whole product line is using their T700SC carbon fiber, which supports us make our wheels strong and durable.


High Tensile Carbon Toray T700C

Material is crucial for a rim, so we select material very carefully. There are 3 main places producing carbon fiber material, they are Japan, Taiwan and China Mainland. Toray Japan is the largest and best carbon producer in the world, their products are used in many of the airplanes.

The carbon we use is T700SC from Toray, although Toray\'s price are almost 2X than those from Taiwan and 3X than China Mainland, comparing the durability and stiffness it brings, it is definitely worthy.


9-layer Body

Carbon material is 8 times as strong as steel by weight, but is not so good at handling impact forces. We mix 9 layers of the carbon material in different angles, a mixture of different angles resemble a uniform material,and they make the rim body resistant to all kinds of forces.

35+4 Layer Spoke Hole Wall

Spoke hole burden most of the weight, for the spoke hole wall, we use as many as 39 layers to make it, these layers make the rims extremely stiff and durable.

Extra 4 Layers On The Braking Track

By adding 4 extra layers of carbon material to the braking track, the braking track is much more durable, but not add much extra weight.

Basalt Fiber Braking Surface

Heat can result instability to the Carbon Fiber, but not to the Basalt Fiber, a Basalt material can maintain it\'s stability under 760 Centigrade. By applying a layer of Basalt fiber on the braking surface, our Pro series can take much more higher temperature than other full carbon wheels. We have tested this by riding the Pro wheeset 450C on a 5km long descending at 35km/H average speed.


The Smoother, The Faster

It’s simple to understand that the smooth rolling can make your work more efficient, then you go faster, and the smooth braking can make you have more control, then you have more efficiency on the turn. We make our wheels rolling and braking smoothly by applying some special material into the wheels design:


ceramic bearing

How fast of a bicycle is most determined by the performance of it’s revolving components, wheels are the main components of a bicycle. This makes it reasonable to upgrade the bearings, as by upgrading to ceramic bearing enjoy a lot of benefits over the steel counterparts:

Features Benefits
Higher hardness of rolling element
- Better wearability
- Greater durability
- Longer service life
Lower gravity
- Lightweighting the system
- Lower centrifugal force during rotation, consequently less bearing wear and heat generation and bearings can run at higher speed
Higher stiffness
- Increase the rigidity of system
- Less sphere deformation under load and this will transfer energy better
Higher precision and better surface finish of ceramic balls
- Less friction between ceramic balls and races
- Less wear
- Less maintenance or maintenance free
- Races will not block due to rusty
Magnetism free
- Less magnetic contaminations to be magnetized into the raceway that can affect smooth rotation and destroy the raceway
Electrical isolation
- No galvanically stimulated corrosion
- Can be used in application that requires electrical isolation

carbon ceramic pads

Our patened brake pads are made of the Ceramic Fiber material, they match perfectly with our Basalt Braking Surface, to provide QUIET and SMOOTH braking experience.

Also they have some great features other than then the traditional brake pads material,
- They work normally even in the rain.
- Maintain the temperature under 248 Fahrenheit when braking.




Carbon Fiber can deal with tension very well, but it’s not good at handling high temperature, in order to provide the smooth braking, we have to increase the Temperature Resistance for Clincher wheels. We use the Basalt material instead of Carbon Fiber when making the braking track, it increases the rim Temperature Resistance for about 150 Fahrenheit and conducts heat much better than Carbon Fiber. Basalt material increases the brake performance in wet condition without increasing the wear and tear on the braking surface.

This means that our rims can last longer than ordinary carbon wheel rims with the Basalt material. And this technology can also help our rims to stand wear and tear.


Quality Should Not Be Luxurious

We hold the whole supply chain to support us provide the affordable price while present the high quality products.

Prices Comparison Cross Various Brands

Model Name Rim Depth Set Weight Ceramic Hubs Spoke Counts MSRP
Zipp 404 58mm 1505g/set No/Aftermarket 16/20 $2725/set
Reynolds 58 AERO 58mm 1580g/set No 16/20 $2775/set
FFWD F4R FCC 45mm 1640g/set No 20/24 $2091/set
BladeX Pro 450C 50mm 1574g/set Yes 20/24 $687/set


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